Exnite Alpha-Version

Exnite is a fast-paced, large-scale multiplayer F2P first person shooter. Choose between four fully customizable professions and engage in close quarters combat, each with their own ranking and achievements.Quickly download and play using the ExniteSetup. After installation, you can access the Game Launcher from your desktop.

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When performing their job effectively, Snipers are a deadly, unseen force that can frustrate enemy plans with a single bullet. Able to fire further and with greater accuracy than any other class of soldier, these silent assassins should seek out concealed locations from which to pick-off opponents with their rifle. At close-range, Snipers are no match for well trained enemy soldiers. But then again, a good sniper will never let the enemy get too close.


Assault is the standard soldier class and is a well-balanced, all-round combat role. Assault should not be mistaken for mere “grunts,” and provide the core firepower needed to advance the cause of their team. Sustained mid- to long-range firepower, matched by the ability to throw a variety of different grenade types and use grenade launchers, makes the Assault a versatile asset. These soldiers also have the unique ability to carry ammo packs, allowing them to replenish ammo for themselves and their teammates – a quality that is especially important in long cooperative missions.


The Engineer fulfills three major roles on the battlefield. First of all, Engineers can lay directional mines to secure areas and stop enemies in their tracks. Their second role is as a supply man; repairing damaged armor for both teammates and themselves. Finally, Engineers are very skillful with explosives, enabling them to plant or defuse bombs faster than other players. The Engineer’s main weapon is an SMG, which is ideal for medium- to short-range combat.


This is the traditional “healer” class, providing a pivotal support role in any battle. Medics are capable of healing both themselves and their teammates by using their Med Kit, but can also grant the gift of life to fallen allies by reviving them with a defibrillator. A skillful Medic can revive many fallen teammates throughout a difficult mission. As well as restoring the health of those on their side, Medic’s carry a shotgun that ensures enemies they encounter at close range are unlikely to be quite as glad of their presence.

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Level Up in Exnite

There are already 66 levels available to start the pre-alpha version, and there will also be a rank list that shows the world’s best players updated every week. Additional levels will find their way into the game with enhancements.

Advance through the Ranks in Exnite by completing games and earning points. Higher Ranks unlock superior equipment in the Armory, and grant access to a selection of special events. Ranks are consistent across all professions, and are visible to other players on the Leaderboards.


Developed by Enrage Games

Enrage Games is a small studio from Germany since 2015. We specialize in Unity game and apps development, Web Services and Game Software creation, we create games for differents platforms like Window, Mac, Web, Android, IOS, Steam and Facebook.

In addition to creating our own games / apps, we also work or collaborate with other indies studios or on a couple of occasions with internationally known studios with which we have helped to create successful games.

Our favorite game genre is the ‘Shooter’, because that the most of the time we are working on something from this branch, be it for our own games or tools for other developers.

Our plan is to develop games and make them available to everyone for free.
There are no in-game purchases in our games, we finance ourselves purely from private fortunes and donate from Players.

Powerd by Unity 3D Engine

Unity gives users the ability to create games and interactive experiences in both 2D and 3D. The engine offers a primary scripting API in C#, for both the Unity editor in the form of plugins, and games themselves, as well as drag and drop functionality. Prior to C# being the primary programming language used for the engine, it previously supported Boo, which was removed in the Unity 5[7] release, and a version of JavaScript called UnityScript, which was deprecated in August 2017 after the release of Unity 2017.1 in favor of C#.[8]

The engine has support for the following graphics APIsDirect3D on Windows and Xbox OneOpenGL on LinuxmacOS, and Windows; OpenGL ES on Android and iOSWebGL on the web; and proprietary APIs on the video game consoles. Additionally, Unity supports the low-level APIs Metal on iOS and macOS and Vulkan on Android, Linux, and Windows, as well as Direct3D 12 on Windows and Xbox One.

Within 2D games, Unity allows importation of sprites and an advanced 2D world renderer. For 3D games and simulations, Unity allows specification of texture compressionmipmaps, and resolution settings for each platform that the game engine supports,[5]and provides support for bump mappingreflection mappingparallax mappingscreen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), dynamic shadows using shadow mapsrender-to-texture and full-screen post-processing effects.[9]

Since about 2016 Unity also offers cloud-based services to developers, these are presently: Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Certification, Unity Cloud Build, Unity Everyplay, Unity IAP (“In app purchase” – for the Apple and Google app stores), Unity Multiplayer, Unity Performance Reporting, Unity Collaborate and Unity Hub.

Unity supports the creation of custom vertex, fragment (or pixel), tessellation and compute shaders. The shaders can be written using Cg, or Microsoft’s HLSL.

Our Partners

PatchKit is a service that gets your application online within minutes. It does all the work related to file storage, patches, statistics, security checks, and delivery.

Photon Unity Networking (PUN) is a Unity package for multiplayer games. Flexible matchmaking gets your players into rooms where objects can be synced over the network. RPCs, Custom Properties or “low level” Photon events are just some of the features. The fast and (optionally) reliable communication is done through dedicated Photon server(s), so clients don’t need to connect one to one.