The next game update will be bringing a long-awaited first-person Spectator mode! Follow your game live as nothing will escape your attention any longer!

  • Added, All player names are now the same color in the lobby regardless of status.
  • Added L115 (.338 Lapua Magnum) sniper
  • Added, M16A2 added to attachment system
  • Fixed, Switch Weapon bug,
  • Fixed, some blank remove attachment text on M4 and M240
  • Fixed, Reload issue
  • Updated, Player Death logging

We have tracked and fixed a number of hit registration issues over the last couple weeks. To be specific, I’m talking about the manipulation of magazines through double click, which wasn’t properly synchronised and caused ghost bullets. Another issue was with zeroing and a reload initiated during scoping/iron sights in a specific way. The most common issue was caused by problems in packet priority and networking. Overall, you shouldn’t be seeing hit registration issues pop up too much any more, and I highly recommend you to contact us through the Feedback Tracker if you experience weapons not dealing damage at all.

While there are certainly some issues with damage itself left, it is tied to a balance pass and things will get ironed out. I’ll also be talking about one specific damage issue that has popped up on our channels recently.

The next update should contain the keybinding UI and while still work in progress, it should be a large improvement over what was possible before, and it will also finally be consistent with other UI elements in-game.

Lighting and exposure settings are being debugged right now and you should see changes coming in over the next weeks, making sure that both day and night lighting problems, tone-mapping, luminosity, light sources and what the community describes as excessive bloom are improved. The issues we are tracking right now require more input from the Engine Team and are planned after the next Stable update.

With the investigation into FPS issues reported, we haven’t gathered enough evidence yet. I would like to ask all of you experiencing a decrease over the last few patches to send us information about the server you play on (possible modification causing some drops, even economy changes causing more items to be placed on map), their configuration and drivers to help us iron out exactly what happened and how. Internally, we haven’t been able to reproduce it on any range of systems we have available, but we may be missing a crucial piece of information.

Current issues
As I already mentioned, while fixing some things, we also manage to break them. Let’s see what’s broken. To make things short for the Status Report, I’m just going to list them as bullet points of current most pressing issues, and you can read the full context and our response in the related forums thread.
  • Server crashes
  • Broken Quickplay button
  • Gun sounds missing
  • Sounds stuck in a loop
  • Shotgun damage issues
  • VOIP issues

Again, please make sure you read the related forums thread to see our replies on the issues you reported.