Pre-Alpha-Version Start
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The next game update will be bringing a long-awaited Hospital Map !

  • Added,  New Hospital Map 
  • Added,  Combat Knife Camo
  • Added,  New Credits Information
  • Fixed,  Register Problem
  • Fixed,  Server crash after host leave the Gameroom
  • Update, Loginsystem

Current issues

As I already mentioned, while fixing some things, we also manage to break them. Let’s see what’s broken. To make things short for the Status Report, I’m just going to list them as bullet points of current most pressing issues, and you can read the full context and our response in the related forums thread.

  • Server crashes
  • Broken Quickplay button
  • Gun sounds missing
  • Sounds stuck in a loop
  • Shotgun damage issues
  • VOIP issues

Again, please make sure you read the related forums thread to see our replies on the issues you reported.

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